Mission, vision and philosophy of the investment in the development of ITA Group

Alfalfa Serres belongs to the ITA Group and is the largest factory of dehydrated alfalfa in Greece, with production capability more than 27,000 tons of product per year from a cultivation area of 2000 hectares.

The cultivation of alfalfa is done in a radius of 20 kilometers around the facilities of the dehydration factory, by experienced growers of the Serres fertile plain, through Contract Farming and with the guidance of experienced agronomists. The cutting, transporting and dehydration of alfalfa is done entirely by the company, without being directly dependent on the weather conditions, giving the producer the opportunity to focus on cultivating. In addition, cooperating farmers have guaranteed prices, which are known from the beginning of the year, and prompt payments.

Innovation in dehydration

The required thermal energy comes from THERMIE, a Co-Generation CHP & district heating plant, in the form of hot water which is an environmentally friendly process. Dehydration of alfalfa takes place within 45 ' in a belt dryer of 165 meters, in mild conditions of up to 90oC- that protects all the nutrients of alfalfa and ensure the production of quality feed, with high nutritional value.

Alfalfa Serres adds to the processing of agricultural products in the regional unit of Serres with direct and indirect employment, producing at the same time high quality products.