Our high quality of alfalfa is more delicious, with a high level of rumen bypass protein (RUP) and provides more nutrients in less volume than most of the commercially available products, making it an excellent feed source.

In addition, it allows faster rates of passage through the digestive system for greater dry matter intake, supporting higher milk production. Our top dehydrated alfalfa owes its characteristics not only to proteins, carbohydrates and major minerals (Ca, P, K, Mg), but also to its vitamins, especially b-carotene or provitamin A that play an important role in growth mechanisms, cell reproduction and health. Also, vitamin E and selenium, which have antioxidant effects on cell membranes, they prevent neurological disorders and "white muscle disease".

Our bales, facilitate the producers work with their high specific weight and ease of transport, storage and distribution. The size of our packages is 155x117x77cm, weighing of 500 Kg per bale.

*Exwork Prices- VAT not included